2011 ATV Kawasaki KFX450R

2011 ATV Kawasaki KFX450R

It is not the newest machine in the category of sport quads 450 cc, but the Kawasaki KFX450R remains one of the most attractive in appearance, lightweight aluminum chassis, adjustable suspension and sporting attributes. Throw in the reverse and 20-inch rear tires and you can have a little crossover appeal of the two forests and walks MX. The lime green sport ATV is sold above the $ 8,000 threshold.

The electronic fire Kawi 450R touch of a button. The EFI engine is fed a lightweight forged piston with three rings and pin 21 mm. Titanium valves and aluminum valve spring retainers reduce domestic RPMs and weight gain, says Kawasaki. Cameras specially designed with large air chamber volume and improve the fuel efficiency of improved throttle response.

32-bit digital fuel injection, with throttle body 42 mm, improves starting, throttle efficiency and power delivery. The EFI can calculate the temperature (refrigeration and air intake), pressure (air inlet), the engine speed and throttle position to deliver the proper amount of fuel for optimum power.

Unlike some sports 450s, the KFX has reversed its traditional mixed-down-and-four-up 5-speed tranny. An ingenious lock opening mechanism provides a smooth transition reverse from the future to make backups. "The combined weight of the reversing system and lightweight aluminum chassis is no heavier than a steel frame without reverse," says Kawasaki.

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