2011 Benelli Scooter Velvet 150

2011 Benelli Scooter Velvet 150
The Benelli Velvet 150, a Scooter known for its classic Italian style, returns for 2011 with many upgrades. Most of the improvements made to the Benelli Velvet 150 151cc 4-stroke engine, creating a more efficient scooter. The engine produces 11 horsepower and 10.6 Nm of torque. Motor bike is very economical and compatible with Euro-3. Due to the economic design of the engine, Velvet 150 bike is ideal for use in both rural and urban areas.

As for the chassis, designed Benelli Velvet 150 with strength in mind, allowing for excellent maneuverability even on rough surfaces. The scooter is designed with front and rear disc brakes for maximum braking power.

In size, Benelli says the compact and provide a mild surprise care to ensure agility in traffic. The spacious and comfortable dual seat ensures comfort for both rider and passenger in any situation. The Velvet 150 also comes standard with the same color top cover, which can swallow a helmet with ease.

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