2011 Harley-Davidson FXS Blackline Softail

Harley-Davidson FXS Blackline Softail
The minds at Harley-Davidson have simply unveiled the newest creation to arise from the company's Dark Custom project. known as the FXS Blackline, the new defy the Softail wears resculpted tin, including a bobbed rear fender and an asymetric tank style that departs a little from the bike's commonplace look. Get somewhat closer and you're possible to note that the large V-twin at the heart of the Blackline has been powder coated black in all the proper places. HD's designers also dropped during a compact headlight and a little speedometer for a lot of custom look.

Of course, this specific Softail is defined by two things. First, Harley-Davidson says that the FXS Blackline wears the lowest seat that the corporate has ever put in on a motorbike. The rider sits a mere twenty four inches off the bottom, and combined with unique "split drag" handlebars, the Blackline looks to possess a personality that's a good deal different from the remainder of the Dark Custom creations.

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